About Me

My name is Lawrence Bivens, I have been in the process of changing my career path from Electrical Sign Designer/Installer to Web Developer and Graphic Designer. I attended California State University of Los Angeles (CSULA) for Computer Information Systems and was required to take a class for Web Design. While taking that class I realized that Web Design is similar to designing and installing electrical signs. They both combine art and technology to communicate ideas to a particular audience.


For years, I had been helping business owners and managers with their signage needs for their businesses. I have enjoyed the design process in the creation of signage but the physical part of installing them had become tiresome. So, I enrolled in some computer classes and in December 2011, I received my Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Information Systems from California State University of Los Angeles (CSULA). 


Since most businesses have websites, I felt that Web Design was what I needed to start investing my time in. I decided to take more classes to learn about Web Design and Visual Communications(Graphic Design). I graduated in June 2014, with an Associate of Arts degree in Visual Communications from Los Angeles Trade Technical College (LATTC). I have created websites in Wordpress and Joomla both content management systems (CMS). For this website, I used the content management system (CMS) known as Joomla. I am now attending Santa Monica College (SMC), I am now enrolled in a couple of classes that teaches film production, and advance motion design using Adobe After Effects and Mocha. Go to vimeo.com/lbivens to see some of the videos that I edited and added effects too.


***All work, that I have done on this website, I did for an educational purpose.



Travel Town Poster

In this assignment, I went to the Travel Town Museum in Los Angeles, CA
to take pictures of the trains and had to incorporate one of the pictures
into a poster design.



In this billboard design, I wanted to show the impact of an oil spill to wildlife and the environment.


Aztec Brochure

This 2-page, double sided brochure, I designed as a class project for an instructional media series for Annenberbg Media.